Vegan Caramel Cake (Looking Back . . . )

Vegan Lemon Almond Tea Cake with Lemon Glaze (And Snowflakes on The Side for Some Much Needed Crochet-for-Me Time)

Vegan Linzer Cookie (This Vintage Holiday Baking Moment Is Brought to You by My Mother's Recipe Box)

Vegan Wacky Cake (Or. . . Chocolate Get-Me-through-The-Holidays Cake!)

Tart Cherry Pie for Our Vegan Thanksgiving (Retail Confidential And Why I'm Thankful)

M.F.K. Fisher's Ginger Hottendots (Grateful for The Love of A Good Book And of Baking)

Godspeed Mystique (A wayward soul if ever there was one.)

Wordless Wednesday: November Roses

Vegan Almond Blondies (Norwegian Tosca Cake. . . Times Three)

White Bean And "Lotsa" Garlic Sage Soup with Swiss Chard (From My November Garden. . . Now Reading "Rin Tin Tin" by Susan Orlean And Realizing Again Why I Love Dogs So Dang Much)

Vegan Donut Muffins with Vanilla Glaze Icing