Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vegan Giant Ginger Molasses Cookies (And The Not-So-Secret Christmas Knitting)

If you are going to start baking cookies for Christmas, begin with this one. You will thank me. I begin thinking about my holiday cookies in mid-October. That's when I go a little hog wild and pretend the world will end and that I must own every cookie baking book on the planet to stave off the perils of living in chaos without proper sustenance. I don't know about you, but we could live off ginger cookies. They come in every shape, size and texture and I think I've baked them all until a new recipe emerges, I step back in amazement and proclaim: Yet another awesome ginger cookie--I rock!

The cookie book I turned to for inspiration this go-around is, Great Cookies by Carole Walter. I had to hunt down this cookie book. It took me months to finally decide I'd found a seller on Amazon who offered the book for a fair price--used, no less. I wore out my check out times at the library for three years pulling this book off the shelf, keeping it three weeks, then returning it, only to repeat the whole ordeal again and again. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple, Cranberry, Pear and Fig Pie with Crunchy Almond Topping (And Some Instant Gratification Knitting)

I know there's been this whole "fruit-for-dessert" thing here for several posts (mixed in with real life drama). I really don't have any explanation for this fruit obsession other than to say, it's what I've wanted. The Husband mentioned that it might be nice to throw in a chocolate dessert--then added, You'll have an apple pie for Thanksgiving. . . you always do. And just who does he imagine will be baking said pie? I mean, I'm not one to complain about my baking tasks. In fact rarely do I complain of being shackled to the kitchen. (Shackled might be too strong.) But the time of year being what it is: dark and more dark, sometimes my mood sways to things outside of the kitchen domain. I am sure I could handle juggling my cookie cravings next (oh there will be cookies) a chocolate dessert AND an apple pie all before Thursday. I know I can. My kitchen is my sanctuary. It has helped me cope during all of this "stuff" we've had to manage through. And are still managing through. 

When I'd settled on the next fruit dessert I wanted to try, I pulled out from my disaster-zone-baking-storage-cabinet an old ten-inch springform pan covered in stains, fingerprints and streaks of burned residue. It was my mother's. Leftover from her kitchen. It's funny to remember her this way--this baking way--so close to Thanksgiving. Her last years were not spent in the kitchen. At least not as much as she'd have liked. It would be hard to tell when exactly this pan was last used. I called my sister and told her what I'd found. Memories were shared.Then I got to baking my dessert.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Week Later (Moving On . . . Counting Blessings)

A week ago yesterday was the accident. We are slowly moving on. I am desperate for my concentration to return. For normalcy. But that may take awhile. Last night was the first full night of sleep I'd had in a week. 

Not only am I grateful to have my husband alive, I am grateful for the kindness of all who left notes and hugs. I may not have responded to each one, but please know, I read all comments. I shared every single word with Dr. Thyme who I know felt better for having read them. I know or have met a few of you--this made your note even more special. Thank you again.

Little things have struck me numb. Like finally doing the laundry Tuesday. I pulled the clothes out of the basket to sort them out and heard little "pings" of stuff hitting the floor. I looked at what I had in my pile and there was the pair of pants he'd been wearing the day of the accident. Inside the cuffs were bits of glass. Tiny bits of glass. The same glass that shattered and flew into his hair.


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