The Chocolate Chip Cookie I Can't Stop Baking (it's been around awhile, sorta like this blog)

This is the chocolate chip cookie for which no other chocolate chip cookie can be measured. It's Alison Roman's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yes, this is 'that' cookie--the Instagram darling from ages ago. I'm late to the party again. But I've made over a hundred of these by now. During the holidays, I'd gone off them for a bit--baking the Greatest Hits from the archive which appear every December. Then three weeks ago, during cookie craving mania, the recipe appeared on the top of my pile of recipes and here we are, on our third batch. I halve the recipe (which is very easy to do) because I take great joy in re-making this cookie. Takes five minutes to mix, roll into a log, then chill. I prep in the morning usually because it requires a two hour chill. The halved recipe makes for a perfect 12-16 or so cookie batch. That's enough cookies to last us a week. A shortbread texture, chocolate chunks and a pinch of salt. Before slicing, Alison't recipe indicates a roll of cookie log in egg and then sugar. I brush mine with soy milk and then roll in sugar and bake. Seemed to work fine. 

I've spent ten years sharing food and life stuff here. During these last few years, a little less so. I told someone recently I "had" a blog as we discussed recipes. I said it had gone dormant, almost with a sense of shame. But truthfully, I'm not ashamed at all. Life moves on, new voices arise and new stories are told. 

I've simplified, pared down. This is a hard thing to do in a that-was-news-five-minutes-ago world. I think it's why I felt compelled to share this cookie even though its five minutes of fame was last year.  
If you've read this far, I might as well add a few highlights/accomplishments/humble-brag moments of life--just so we're all caught up. Things haven't changed much.

There's the knitting. My steady companion for over fifteen years now. 

Ramblin' Woman by Caitlin Hunter. Here's mine on Ravelry here.
The Weekender by Andrea Mowry pullover. Here's mine on Ravelry here
The 1898 Hat by Kristine Byrnes. Here's mine on Ravelry here.
(Btw, DH loves this hat. I was so thrilled!)

Us. My steady companion for over twenty-two years.
The furbabies. Always.
My sister and her Dear Husband: the newlyweds as of last summer!