Homemade Chamomile Tea with Fresh Flowers from The Garden

The flowers of the chamomile plant resemble a carpet of mini-daisies blanketing a small, sunny corner of my vegetable patch. 
They're lovely, actually. Hardy, too.
Tonight I made my first batch of chamomile/mint tea. 
By the way, mint is the other "easiest herb in the world to grow"--you simply cannot kill it. 
Trust me. 
So back to chamomile: I snipped a small bouquet of the white and yellow flowers and placed them in my coffee mug with a few sprigs of mint leaves. I poured warm water over and set the timer for about five minutes. 
I strained the liquid into another mug, and like magic, we had homemade chamomile tea.
Your tea will taste nothing like the dried bags of herbal chamomile tea you may have tried. 
The fresh-flower variety of tea is very herb-y. A bit of a lemony taste, too. It's delicious. 
Chamomile tea is said to be good for helping ease stomach upset and to help with sleep.

The best chamomile herb to buy is one of German origin matricaria retutica, or so I've read. 
I basically used common sense and bought the herb from the nursery with the tag that said, Excellent for Making Tea! 
Side-by-side growing mint with green beans. I KNOW! 
But it works. 
Make sure you strain the tea. Once you do, you'll have this lovely pale greenish-yellow brew. 
Comfort in a cup.
In other news. This is Frankie. She's a giant. We just adore her and her sissy tolerates her.