Easy Vegan Veggie Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Crust (comfort food cooking. . . simple knitting)

I will give this pot pie recipe one thing, and that is, it came together in a snap. My prep work consisted of pulling a puff pastry sheet out from the freezer and putting it in the fridge while I went about sauteing an onion, some mushrooms and garlic, adding a can of tomatoes, then opening a bag of veggies, pouring in some ready-made potato leek soup (oh the horrors! but hey, that's life right now) and a smattering of seasoning, close it up with the pastry top, bake: ta-da! 

See that yummy layer of puff pastry? Yup. That's the whole reason I fell for this recipe. I was perusing my latest issue of Vegetarian Times (March 2016 issue) and the five ingredient list both surprised and delighted me to no end. I had to do some of my own magic to make it a bit more yummy, but overall, for ease of prep and deliciousness factor combined, this recipe will now be added to our rotation. 

It's Sunday, so for us, it's a lazy day. We woke to snow. 
There's nothing better than a Snowy Sunday. 
(Well, yes there is, a Snowy Sunday in December!)
Some of us in the house thought it might be amusing to do things we normally wouldn't do.
Frankie's had a growth spurt and she's also regressing a bit to her earlier puppy days behavior.
She totally knows what she's doing when she does things like this--right under our noses!
But some of us just chill and roll our eyes.
I'm making the Traveling Woman Shawl in Malabrigo Rios. I LOVE this pattern. 
It's fast. It's knit on size 9 needles! It's pink. What's not to love here?


  1. Sometimes, those throw together meals are just what the doctor ordered :-)

  2. A testament to my life lately: omg--it's Cher, and she commented like a week ago and I just now saw this! HI Cher! Thank you for the note and yes, the "throw together" hits the spot!


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