Transplanting Tomato Seedlings, Asparagus, And A New Cabbage Patch: Gardening Journal March

So, I thought it was time to transplant my tomato seedlings. Whoa.
See those roots? Very good sign. All white and pretty. Now. . . to get them out of their baby home and into their new grown-up home.
At first, I thought these peat pots would suffice. But the more I stared at this goliath little seedling poking its head out of the tiny peat pot--the more I questioned my choice of transplanting methods. Hmmm.
After taking a picture of my seedlings and running on down to my local "I-spend-way-too-much-money-here" garden nursery, I asked: Are my seedlings too big for my peat pots? Uh, yes. So then I came home with gallon plastic transplant containers instead. I was assured that once I'd transplanted my seedlings into the gallon containers, my "transplanting" woes will be gone. The seedlings developed quite a long stem--not to worry, just bury all the way up to the first set of leaves. The tomatoes will send roots out from the buried stem and planting them this way will help make the plant stronger. So I was told. The plants will go from here into the ground some time in May. And some will go to my neighbors. . . for sure. What was I thinking?!
That's a healthy looking plant right there. . . and there. . . and there. I must have transplanted over thirty seedlings. Some of the pods they were raised in, I was able to divide--gingerly pulling them apart, careful to not damage the roots. Some survived their split. Others, not so much. It took me two days to do this. Just saying. It was sort of drudgery to me. Glad that's over. Decided I'm not cut out to own a nursery or plant center. Really.
So I was worried for a bit. To me, the dead stalks I had trimmed back in February looked all but, well, dead. I thought, "Great. I've failed at asparagus. . . nothing is going to come from this bed." Until yesterday as I was trecking back and forth, "working Green Acres" and happened to look down and to my amazement: Hello! Asparagus stalks! OMG! So excited about this. So. Excited.
I picked up brussel sprout seedlings, collards, broccoli and cabbage and some cauliflower and lettuce this week. So far, this bed--an extra one I added last spring for corn and beets and pumpkins, is home to the cruciferous family. Frankly, I just wanted to get something in the ground. We've had temps in the 80s, then it's predicted to be cold and rainy this weekend. I bought a ground cover in case it dips below freezing. Nothing would surprise me. Eighty one day, thirty the next. I just love living here. 
The backyard. Just waiting.


  1. Hooray for Spring! My little seedlings are doing pretty well. Adding a grow light this year really seems to have helped. They're definitely not big enough to need transplanting, but I think they will be before I can plant them outside around May 15. I'm excited to see all your gardening!

  2. Wow...maybe I am late, but I just planted my tomato plants this morning :P Those asparagus look killer! Do the deers like asparagus?

  3. I can't wait to get my garden going.. Next paycheck I will start my indoor garden for sure.
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  4. I started my first veggie garden this year, and I'm probably doing everything wrong! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
    Good luck with your garden!

  5. Hi Bonnie! I agree with you--my grow light seemed to really help! Good luck with your babies!

    Hi Kirsten! Oh, you know we are in waaay different zones--you being up north and me being down south. Our crazy weather. Deer did NOT eat my asparagus, but I do have the bed located right next to our house--so far, so good!

    Hi Debra! I still have things I'd like to start indoors--like some herbs! I wish you luck in your planting!

    Hi Jennifer! No, don't say that--just be positive it will all be fine! I went into this with the same fear and yet, I still don't know whether or not I'll have tomatoes!


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