Missouri Senate Bill on Puppy Mills: Today Voted AGAINST The Wish of The People (Missouri House, now it's your turn. Please vote to help the dogs!)

Fifty-two percent of the voters in Missouri last November expressed clearly that it was time for our state to cast off its moniker as "The Puppy Mill State". Amending Proposition B (that is, taking away the vote of the people) was on the agenda first thing for the Missouri Senate. Today, that vote just passed: to weaken Prop B. As if our vote meant nothing. The party that espouses individual rights is also the party that just said, "We. Don't. Care. What. You. Think."
One of the lucky ones. . . our baby.
As if the will of the people and all that is right with wanting to help suffering animals was somehow in and of itself wrong. How could people be so vainglorious? How much simpler could it be? We voted to help those who cannot help themselves. Those with no voice. Those stacked on top of stacks of cages, clinging to hope that one of us, any of us, might see that this time, this state, and these dogs will no longer have to suffer at the hands of the deplorable puppy mill industry. 

Missouri House: the vote is in your hands next. Please help. If not, then I pray our governor will veto the entire effort, realize that the vote of the people should stand (the same people that voted him into office) are those who voted in favor of Proposition B last November.


  1. I don't understand this at all- why do they put it on the ballot if the results don't mean a thing?

  2. Nupur, Thanks for commenting. This is absolutely one of the lowest points in animal welfare in Missouri's history. Front page of the Post-Dispatch today recapped yesterday's vote quite well--those in the "rural parts" took measures into their own hands--overturning the wish of the people. Some senate members whose districts voted in favor of Prop B, actually had the audacity to vote AGAINST their constituents, and in favor of this weakened bill. Unbelievable. There is no logical argument that can be made to "worsen" an animal's life when something like Prop B is proposed. None. I am ill over this. But thank you for your note. We shall see what the House and governor will do next.

  3. This makes a strong case for voting. To all those people who think it does not make a difference. There was one democrat and the rest are republicans that want to repeal this. Just one of the many things in the news these recent days to say that there are a few people running the whole country. It is the "rural areas" of the state. They are worried their food animals, which ARE NOT considered animals by law but LIVESTOCK, will somehow be affected. If cows, pigs, or chickens were even considered "animals", then they could never treat them the way they do. No worries to our Republican friends in Rural Missouri, your livestock will not be affected. It will be just as easy for you to raise cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and kill our climate AFTER PROP B as before PROP B. We are not taking away your rights to use all of the water resources, to factory farm animals, to pollute the environment, to have buildings that you cannot by law, photograph from the outside. Oh no, you will have all of those protections still in place. We are not outlawing eating burgers, weighing 400 pounds, or using our tax dollars for your health problems caused by your "LIVESTOCK". Prop B is for DOGS only.

  4. Kelly, I too feel sick about this. It's all about protecting their $$$$$$$$$$$ at the expense and suffering of animals and humans. I love 'Get Skinny, Go Vegan's' comment.

  5. My Get Skinny, Go Vegan Friend: Amen. Could not agree with you more. What a wonderful, heartfelt comment and you should send your note to the Post-Dispatch editorial page. You clearly "get it"--it's a shame our dogs are lumped together with livestock for crying out loud.

    Hi veganhomemaker: It is so lovely to live in the Midwest where we must endure the wrath of what's right for Farmer John must be right for all of us. And I loved her comment, too. Thanks for leaving a note.

  6. This whole thing disgusts me. So many people spent their time and money to educate voters and get Prop B passed... and the state legislature is allowed to do this? It's so frustrating!! The Missouri legislature is totally corrupt, you know the ones that voted to weaken Prop B got huge "donations" from the puppy mill lobby :(


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