Beggars Can't Be Choosers Linguine: French Fridays with Dorie

I ate ALL of last night's French Friday dinner by myself! All. Of. It. This recipe was like, I don't know, funnel cakes and caramel corn on top of pasta. (I swear to god, this stuff smelled like caramel corn while it cooked.) And. . . it was that good. If you're into carnival foods. . . and I totally am (but you can leave the clowns at home)! Now, could I have been so down and out over the state of affairs for dogs here in Missouri last night that my appetite for anything remotely sounding and smelling like runway food would win me over? Certainly. And now amid today's crisis in Japan, could I be AS down and out again? Absolutely. So I very much could have this tonight, again. . . along side a nice slice of pizza (which is what is always on the menu on Friday night).

Hubby was in New York this week. Last night was dinner for one. After he came home this afternoon (and after I had a meltdown over yesterday's dog legislation news, swearing we will NOT spend our retirement years/dollars here--shame on Missouri)--I then told him about my indulgence of figs, raisins, hazelnuts and almonds--smothered and wooshed around in heavenly melty-vegan margerine, then orange zest, then topped with vegan parm and some chopped scallion declaring: It. Was. Yum! He replied: Oh, you had chick food. Um, okay. . . noooo it was French Fridays, remember? Glad you're home. . . darling!

I've been married to my husband long enough now (almost fifteen years. . . almost) to know that if it even remotely resembles a "fruit" and I try to be sly and fit into a savory dish, he, like a bloodhound, will sniff, turn the plate, lift things up with his fork, turn to me and say, "What's in this?" (It sends shudders through my spine to think of it.) And since I have a horrible poker face, he busts me every time. Never forgetting the one and only time I made Gado-Gado. Oh, the gado-gado moment was so awful. I can't even begin to re-live it. Let's just say, Indonesian and/or Carribean-like fruity or sweet foods as dinners: not in this house. And for true moments of marriage testing, I have now sworn off eggplant. Unless I am darn sure the stuff has literally disappeared in said dish--for me, it will have to remain a pretty little purple thing.
The dish is simple. Very pedestrian in its design. Very good for the soul. Very good cold. I am sure of this because as I could not stop eating it, the pan of it went cold during helpings. . . but I ate it anyway. I am so glad I sat and had my pity party with this dish--it fed my need for comfort and healing. I will be making this again and again. The other FFwD dishes can be found here


  1. Wow! I can't sneak fruit into dishes either, especially raisins. It looks gorgeous! I hope mine looks as good when I am finally able to make this dish!

    I am sorry to hear about the puppy-mill legislation.

  2. You're so funny. See, your description of its sweetness is exactly why I would not want this for dinner and why I changed the whole recipe!! But I am glad you liked it, and also disgusted with the puppy mill legislation. Boo. : (

  3. Too funny. What is it about Dudes that they only want what they know?
    It's sad to hear about the way these animals are being treated, but it is refreshing that there are people out there who care and want to do something about it.

  4. Simple, good for the soul...The description in this last paragraph alone makes me want to make this dish.


  5. "Oh, you had chick food"... ROFLMAO. That's exactly what happens when DH is out of town.

  6. The title of your post made me laugh :) Glad to see you liked this, I really enjoyed it too!

  7. I had to goggle dog laws in MO to see what was going on. Sad story that reminds me to get off the computer and walk my pups! Glad you loved this dish; I did too.

  8. Yum, I love sweet & savory & carnival food so this is something I will definitely try! Also, just found your blog and it's great!!!

  9. Ronda: Thanks for your note! If I even dare try raisins again, and it works--I will be sure to send the "trick" your way because I love raisins, too!

    Trixie: Girlfriend, of course it worked! The minute I smelled caramel corn, I was in heaven! You always make me laugh!

    Cher: Thanks dear! Seriously a gender defect if you ask me. But I swear it makes me a better home cook in the long run, even though I may have to eat an entire meal myself!

    dinneranddreams: Oh, thanks so much for that kind note--I hope you like it if you give it a go.

    Adriana: So glad I am not alone in this!

    chefpandita: Glad I was able to bring a smile--a good laugh is also good for the soul!

    hi lola: I am sorry you had to read our shame. But really appreciate your note and your support for the pups.

    hi nikki: Well, thank you so much and welcome to my blog, so glad you stopped by!

  10. Kelly, This is the first time I visited your blog. I really enjoyed your post! Loved your title! I loved this dish but, knew my hubby would never eat fruit and nut pasta! After years of marriage you get to know these things! I look forward to visiting you again.

  11. Your dish looks wonderful. It is quite simple to make, and Tricia
    and I both enjoyed making this recipe. Hubby and I both had second
    helpings it was that good. Loved your pictures, they make you want to
    dig right in.

  12. I'm glad you enjoyed this dish! My husband won't let me put eggplant in anything either!

  13. Great post - my husband didn't think it was chick food - he had seconds! I'll bet if your honey smelled it cooking, he would have tried it!

  14. Outside of the real serious news events you mention, the rest of your post had me laughing, especially your husband's food tastes. He must be a distant cousin of my husband who won't touch fruit in his food or eggplant. I made a single serving for me and made a different topping for his linguine.

  15. That's so funny! My partner was out the night I made this, too, and would have no part of the leftovers. I'm glad you liked it so much and that it was able to serve as some comfort food for you - there is a lot of bad news in the world lately.


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