BBQ Pulled Pork And Down N' Dirty Coleslaw (Idol Vegans And Take That You Square Foot Garden!)

The Southern in me just leapt out yesterday! Bring on the BBQ--but make it Kansas City style!
If there is a vegan heaven, there best be some BBQ stands around. I'll bring my own vegan meat stuffs, not to worry.
This is my "chia pet" chive plant. This is one amazing herb, let me tell you--doing what it's doing all by its lonesome. I'm impressed and am considering turning my entire lawn into "chia-pet" chives.

Cripes, I must have planted a hundred of these slips on Monday. It was really grueling work--stick a finger in the compost, drop the onion slip in, stick a finger in the compost, drop the onion slip in. . . a hundred times. I best be seeing some onions in a few months.

Little seeds of wonder. . .please bring me tons of greens!

Improvisational lazy-woman's way of square foot planting. I am at the point of just--get it in the ground already--using these kindling sticks from our firewood dude seemed both practical and, well. . . right. I have little patience for things after a certain point--and seems like the Square Foot Garden guy and his book was all anal-retentive in some of his requirements. I got the gist of his philosophy, now it's time to apply the "Kelly Method"! Plus, I was like, Look, I am not making one more gosh darn trip to Home Depot this week
. . . I'll go to Lowe's instead.

I totally had flip-flop fever and deemed these a necessary purchase for my summer wardrobe--don't you love them. (No I don't need a shave and that is not my foot!)

I found myself craving barbeque and flip-flops yesterday. Like any sane woman, I drove right over to Target where I was met with flip-flop nirvana! Hello flip-flops! Hello Spring! Then, there was this pull directing me to my pantry seeking out one of the South's most precious commodities: Kansas City Barbeque Sauce. Okay, so maybe we aren't in the heart of Dixie, but that doesn't mean the heart doesn't crave some southern derived food! I really feel for vegans who think they must swear off the best foods of summer. I have an answer for you: Match Meats!

Here is an aside I think is important to post right this minute: Ruben Studdard is my favorite American Idol vegan! Oh, wait a minute. He is the only American Idol vegan. We all know I love Idol--my television addiction runs deep with this show (because I secretly have always felt I was destined to be a rock star--but I settled for housewife, dog rescuer, master gardener, knitter and vegan. . . for now). So out comes Ruben last night--looking as slim and fit as a man once his "old" size could possibly be. I listened, I watched. . . then listened some more and what, pray tell did my wondering ears hear: "I'm a vegan now, man, working out every day!" Say what?! Dude, you rock! Well, there you have it folks, truth and sublime virtue! You don't need a diet book. You need vegetables, and some cardio. If seeing the Velvet Teddy Bear last night cutting a swath of slimness and radiating health and confidence after becoming vegan doesn't prove to you that eating a plant-based/cruelty-free diet can turn your body image around--then get your head examined this minute! I hope the listening audience also knows that means that vegans were representin' last night: Ellen and Ruben! Oh to be a majority in a minority crowd of meat eaters. . . someday, someday. Okay and Didi really did not need to be sent home, bless her punkin' heart. I felt so sorry for her. And though she was a strong favorite of mine, I am not as impressed with the darling Siobhan as much as I had been. I think the "screaming-meemie" performance shtick has worn listener's ears thin and she should brush up on some control and pitch perfect song style--she is totally capable of doing so. Right now, my faves are Crystal, Casey and Lee. Any one of these winning Idol this year would make me happy.

Our warm spurt (temps in the eighties) has done wonders for my desire to switch my eating habits from heavy-ladened foods with comfort qualities to more robust flavors mixing all of the produce I can get my hands on--seasonal or not. Green beans in a stir fry with all-colors-of-the-rainbow peppers, fresh garlic and ginger over soba noodles one night. Yesterday though, it was outdoor grub. Short of firing up the grill--I had my fresh ciabatta loaf ready for last night's affair. The recipes are so easy--in fact, forget recipes, just follow your heart on creating this meal to your own liking--make your own BBQ sauce or grab your favorite brand off the grocery shelf. I even made a side of potato salad with a mustard vinegarette and roasted red peppers with kalamata olives and spinach tossed in--YUM! The meal rocked--I'm just sayin'.

Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe (If you must)

2 tablespoons safflower oil
1 package Match Meats Pork
1/2 onion diced
Spike seasoning or S & P to taste
sprinkle of chipolte seasoning
Your favorite BBQ Sauce

Put the thawed Match Meats in a bowl. Add onion and some spike seasoning or S & P--work in with your hands. Place the chunks of Match Meats in the pan heated with some safflower oil on medium high heat and allow to cook for about ten minutes until onions begin to brown on edges. Sprinkle with chipolte seasonings then add your BBQ sauce. Any amount you'd like--this isn't rocket science. Turn heat to low and allow to simmer about 15 more minutes or longer--longer gives you more flavor!

Down N' Dirty Coleslaw

1/4 head of red cabbage sliced thin
1/4 head of regular cabbage sliced thin
1 large carrot grated
3 green onions sliced
1/2 cup vegan mayo
3 tablespoons tofu sour cream
1 tablespoons agave nectar
2 tablespoons vinegar--apple cider or white
1 teaspoon celery seed
dash of Italian dried herbs
Spike seasoning to taste
dash of salt
fresh ground pepper

Place the carrots and cabbage in a large bowl and set aside. In a medium mixing bowl, add the remaining ingredients. Whisk together. Taste this to check for bitterness level or sweet level--adjust according to your liking. Pour over the cabbage and carrots. Toss well to coat. Place in a container and put in fridge for about an hour before you plan to eat it. Toss again to coat before serving.


  1. I hate planting onions too, but your pics are great. I've got to show your sandwich to my husband, a serious BBQ fanatic. He'll get a kick out of your vegan creation. Great job!

  2. That sandwich looks so yummy. And I love me some BBQ. Must try with that coleslaw.

    And wow at Ruben going vegan. I can't believe it. How awesome is that? :D

  3. Oh boy, I think this is going to be a long one.LOL. Your garden looks awesome, I am jealous, you are so far ahead of me. I love the "grid" of your square foot garden. I just finished reading my SFG book and got tired of reading,"Mel says". I am totally not going to put the grid in just like he says to. I think He wants it as free advertising. It also bugged me that for a lot of subjects he just writes, call your county extension office over and over. But I am going to use his mix and boxes idea. I have my compost and peat moss(I do feel guilty about the peat being unsustainable) but am waiting on an order of vermiculite. And I think I'm doing to use 2x8's instead of 2x6's.
    While doing some research on my nematode problem I came across a great book I'd like to recommend to you. It's called, Teaming With Microbes(revised edition),by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis. It is my new favorite gardening book!
    Your flip flops are adorable. Being that I live in L.A. I wear flip flops 24/7.
    Now on to american idol. Isn't that awesome about Ruben? I bet ellen will say something about it on her show, or have him on. I was so upset Didi left, it was not her turn, I mean Tim? Really America? I said last night I think the final two will be Lee and Casey.
    So you did all that gardening and I bet you ran also. I then you cooked that yummy meal-you are making us mere mortals look bad:)
    Whew, okay I'm done now, I should go do something constructive. I have a worm bin to start today. Another step in the war against nematodes.

  4. Loving the garden pics! And BBQ does sounds wonderful. I'm hoping to get a grill this summer, so we don't have to reserve cooking out for when company is over :)

  5. I've never heard of match meats before but I am going to keep my eyes out because these look GOOD! It must be strange that I never ate or craved bbq pulled pork when I ate meat, but when I see pretty pics of them on all these blogs I totally do!

    I checked my WF today and no Daiya yet either - but they say "it's coming".

  6. Is that a dog foot I see wearing your new flip flop? I really want to get my garden going...yours looks great!

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  8. NICE sandwich, yum!! Oh really, that's not your foot? But I thought it was so furry and feminine and petite and cute ; )
    I quit watching Idol some years ago (too many reality shows!) but that is super cool to hear about Ruben, I have to go google that right now and see what he looks like all svelte.

  9. Hi folks! Thanks so much for commenting--I am so sorry I have been lax in my keeping up with replies to you--this is a busy gardening time and home improvement time! I made myself crack up with my flip flop on my baby girl's paw-paw--seriously! I also want to check out the nematode book veganhomemaker! Thanks again! Love you all!


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