Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vegan Spinach, Tofu, Chard and Herb Pie (Don't Fear the Filo)

Food encased in dough. I'm in. I came across this recipe for Herb Pie in my cookbook, Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamini (one of my most treasured cookbooks) and wanted to re-create his version (omit the cheese, eggs) and still have a delicious dinner with bragging rights. And I think I have. First, a word about my love/hate relationship with filo. It scares me. I could have just as easily substituted this recipe by using a myriad of other options reserved for food filling: the puff pastry, a regular pie pastry, a crumble-topped affair, to name a few. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Vegan Dill Pickle and Potato Soup (With No Regrets)

Vegan Dill Pickle and Potato Soup
It dipped into the forties in the evening this weekend. Potato cravings ensued. I didn't want straight potato soup, mind you--you know the one, leeks etc. I sought a potato and then some. I love it when I can intuit how a soup might come together once I glance at a recipe. Skimming the ingredient list, I set about pulling from the drawers in the fridge and cool storage areas all the food stuff I have on hand to make this soup my own. It's not the prettiest soup on the block, but the pickle part intrigued me the most. It's a Polish soup. Old country as my mother would say. And I love dill pickles--you add them at the end of the cooking so you experience a tart, dilly bite with each spoonful. We loved this soup. So simple. And filling. Both characteristics qualify this soup as an official fall soup festival soup in our house.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vegan Banana Bread: Breakfast Ready with Chocolate and Espresso in the Mix! (And Knitting the "Vogue Eyelet Raglan Cardigan" in Pretty Pale Blue for My New Gray Hair!)

I came home with a ginormous bag of bananas from Costco last week and this is what I ended up with: banana bread. Sometimes buying in bulk is necessary. I usually scoff at the purchase of a trunk load of bananas--a buck forty or not, and think, When will we ever eat all of those? Instead, I'll usually bring home a maximum of four bananas a week from the "regular" store because I like to have a half banana before bed (sometimes DH does, too)--and that about does it for us for a week's supply. Well, I had six bananas left in my bag still--and the "spotting" had started. I really wasn't in the mood to bake at all. (Yes, I have non-baking moments.) And yet. The bananas. They mocked me. I hate waste. I could have frozen them for smoothies, I realize. But I've not been in the smoothie mood. So this. So. Glad. I. Baked. Jump to the recipe here.


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