Pizza Patate by Jim Lahey (Vegan Style)

Vegan Italian Meatball Sammich on Peter Reinhart's Ciabatta Bread

$1.00 Vegan Black Bean Soup w/Sweet Potato Latkes (Fun in The Sun!)

Vegan Morning Sun Muffins (Half-Marathon Training)

Vegan Country Fried Steak (And Almost Fifty: The New Forty!)

The Vegan Iowa Skinny Sammich with Agave Dijon Mustard Sauce (More Kaiser Chronicles)

Vegan Homemade Kaiser Rolls with Po' Boy Tempeh Sammich

Vegan Winter Minestrone and Fresh Swiss Chard (Picked in November!)

Easy Fire Roasted Tomato Pasta with Fresh Roasted Garlic And Potato Herb Bread

Sharing, Seeing, Hoping

Vegan Moroccan Crab-less Curry Couscous (My Finished Cowl!)

Vegan Wellingtons (Starring Match Meats and Puff Pastry)

Vegan Calzone with Spinach And Tofu Herb Ricotta (or: Vegan in A Blanket)

Vegan Chimis (And . . . Potatoes Not Prozac)

Vegan Hermits (of the cookie persuasion, not crab)